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Docket No:  UE 390 Docket Name:  PACIFICORP 2022 TRANSITION ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM Submit Public Comment
* This docket is a contested case. See the Internal Operating Guidelines and OAR 860-001
Subject Company:  PACIFIC POWER    
In the Matter of PACIFICORP, dba PACIFIC POWER, 2022 Transition Adjustment Mechanism. Filed by Etta Lockey. Copies sent to the Electric List.
Filing Date:  4/1/2021 Advice No: 21-023      
Effective:  1/1/2022 Expiration:   Status:  ACCEPTED
Order:  22-065Order Signed:  2/28/2022 
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2/22/2022 COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE PacifCorp's Reply to Sierra Club's Response to Motion to Amend due
11/15/2021 MISCELLANEOUS Final Update
11/8/2021 MISCELLANEOUS Indicative update
11/1/2021 FINAL ORDER DUE DATE Target date for Commission Order
10/18/2021 COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE Responses to SBUA application for reconsideration due.
10/5/2021 BRIEF DUE PacifiCorp Rebuttal Brief and Staff and Intervenor Cross-Answering Briefs
9/28/2021 BRIEF DUE Staff and Intervenor Reply Briefs
9/24/2021 COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE UE 390 - Parties may Respond to PacifiCorp's Bench Request Responses
9/17/2021 COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE PacifiCorp's Responses to Bench Requests due
9/15/2021 BRIEF DUE PacifiCorp Opening Brief
8/26/2021 9:30:00 AM HEARING Notice of Evidentiary Hearing. Copies served on 8-17-21
 Location:  VIRTUAL
8/23/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE All Parties' Cross-Examination Exhibits
8/20/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE All Parties Cross-Examination Statements
8/13/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE PacificCorp Surrebuttal Testimony
7/30/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE Staff and Intervenor Rebuttal and/or Cross-Answering Testimony
7/14/2021 SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE Staff to send Notice of Settlement Conference for July 14th or 15th
 Location:  TBD
7/9/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE PacifiCorp Reply Testimony
6/28/2021 ISSUE STATEMENT DUE Target date for AHD to post an issue list
6/25/2021 3:00:00 PM COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE UE 390 - AWEC's and CUB's Responses to SBUA's Petition for Case Certification due
6/22/2021 SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE Staff to provide notice
6/11/2021 12:00:00 PM COMMENTS/RESPONSES DUE Parties to respond to scheduling memorandum with preferred hearing dates
6/10/2021 ANSWERS TO INTERROGATORIES DUE Beginning of best effort for 7 calendar day turnaround for data requests
6/9/2021 TESTIMONY/EXHIBITS DUE Staff and Intervenor Opening Testimony
5/21/2021 ISSUE STATEMENT DUE Target date for AHD to post an issue list
5/14/2021 STAFF WORKSHOP Staff to provide notice
4/22/2021 10:00:00 AM CONFERENCE NOTICE OF PREHEARING CONFERENCE. Copies sent to UE 390 and Electric Service Lists on 4/9/21.
 Location:  VIA ZOOM


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