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About eFiling

Commission introduces online filing for telecommunications providers:

On March 10, 2003, we implemented a new online filing process.  This online filing system allows telecommunications carriers to electronically submit applications for certification as a Competitive Provider via the Commission Web site.   The Electronic Filing (eFiling) system also allows carriers to electronically upload agreements under the Federal Communications Act.
Commission rules require a signed original that must be mailed or delivered to the Commission to be considered an official filing.  Additional copies may continue to be required as well.  The signed original must match the electronic document(s).


Introduction to eFiling:

In November 2001 the Oregon Public Utility Commission introduced electronic filing for Carrier to Carrier Agreements submitted for approval under the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.  Carriers filed these agreements via email or diskette, in PDF or rich text format (RTF) compatible text (in addition to the original).

In June, 2002, we expanded the existing electronic filing requirements to all documents submitted for arbitration proceedings and any disputes related to these agreements (i.e., all ARB and IC dockets).

If you need help finding these documents, see How do I view these electronic documents?, below.

Create New User Account/How to file:

You need to set up an electronic filer account prior to filing your document(s). 

If you have questions about:

  • filing documents in cases other than CP or ARB dockets, or
  • where to send paper copies, or
  • how many paper copies to send,
contact the Administrative Hearings Division Support Unit at (503) 378-6678 or puc.hearings@state.or.us.

Contacts for setting up an eFiling account are:

File Carrier-to-Carrier Agreements and related documents.
Contact Phone Email
   Cheryl Walker    (503) 378-2849    cheryl.walker@state.or.us
File a Competitive Provider Application and related documents.
Contact Phone Email
   Kathy Shepherd    (503) 378-8959 Kathy.Shepherd@state.or.us
File Tariffs, Price Lists, and related documents.
Contact Phone Email
   Joan Grindeland    (503) 378-2118 Joan.Grindeland@state.or.us

You need to know...
  • The PUC web filing system requires versions 4.0 or above if using either Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  • You may submit your document(s) in most popular formats (e.g., Word, Wordperfect, Excel, Lotus, etc.).
  • We are unable to accept .zip files at this time.

eFiling Upload Process

After you log in to the eFiling system, you will be prompted to fill in a few simple fields.  CONTINUE buttons will guide you through the process.  You may click CANCEL to start again or to terminate your upload.  Be aware that you will be returned to the first Filing Selection page and lose all of your work.  If you are applying for a Competitive Provider certificate, you will be given the option of filling out the online form (required if you do not have a copy of the official form), or attaching your saved application along with the appropriate attachments.  The upload page allows up to five documents to be selected and submitted.

A SUBMIT button is on the final page.  After submitting, the filing is immediately received at the PUC and is automatically routed to the appropriate person for review (Gatekeeper). At the same time you will receive a confirmation email.  This email is automatically generated and indicates that the filing was received.  It does not constitute acknowledgement nor approval.

After the filing is reviewed, you will be notified by email as to whether it was accepted or was unable to be processed as filed.  This ACCEPTANCE process means that the application and or filing has been reviewed and found to be complete and in compliance with Commission rules.  You will receive another email when the filing is posted to the PUC Web site as part of the NOTIFICATION process.  This email will include the assigned docket number.

Your filing must go through the required process before it is officially approved and/or granted (if required).  You may expect additional questions from PUC staff and/or interested persons.  If a protest is filed, you will be notified immediately.   You may follow the progress of your filing after the docket number is assigned by locating it on the eDocket search page.

If you need assistance at any time during the eFiling process, please call the appropriate contact indicated above.


How do I view these electronic documents?

With eFiling, parties and interested persons can view electronic versions of electronically filed documents through eDockets using the Docket/Tariff Search or the Daily Filings page.

A PDF icon PDF Icon or the symbol  [PDF]  will be displayed wherever there is an available document.   Click on the icon to view the document.  Recently filed agreements are available on the Carrier-to-Carrier agreements page for 90 days.


Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Reader is required to view PDF files. Click the "Get Adobe Reader" image to get a free download of the reader from Adobe. Available for Macintosh or Windows.