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UE 416-10 11/9/2023 12:32:52 AM 11/7/2023 2:54:01 PM General Comment Email Company: PGE Name: Reed Zielinski CBR: 503-507-5571 Issue: comment about UE 416 – He wanted to “Thank the PUC for putting shareholders of PGE before Oregonians, especially while we are experiencing record inflation. This isn’t great for Oregonians.” Danielle Jenkins Compliance Specialist Oregon Public Utility Commission<> Work 971-375-5087 Fax 503-378-5743 Confidentiality Notice: This email and any attachments are for the sole use of the intended recipient (s) and contain information that may be confidential and/or legally privileged. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender by reply email and delete the message. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this communication by someone other than the intended recipient is prohibited.
UE 416-100 1/17/2024 9:10:34 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Andrew Robson MILWAUKIE I am extremely concerned and frustrated about the 18% rate hike for PGE customers. This is a massive increase that was approved by two un-elected officials. It seems all this new money is going towards paying a public utility company's CEO Maria Pope 6 million dollars a year rather than helping its customers have affordable electricity. If PGE wants to invest in green energy, it must not do it at the expense of lower and middle class Oregonians. Oregon should slash Maria Pope's 6 million dollar salary and use that money for green investments, not raise the bills 18% of over a million hard-working Oregonians trying to make ends meet.
UE 416-101 1/18/2024 8:07:10 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michael Tubito PORTLAND "In 2021 PG&E CEO Patricia Poppe was paid $51.2 million. PG&E has raised rates on all its customers by an astonishing 18% for residential customer's. PG&E is now penalizing rooftop/residential solar customers."?? PG&E and the greedy CEO! How much did she rake in in 2022 and 2023? We have slow response times EVERY year in Portland, this past weekend of Jan 15th 2024 our neighborhoods power was out for almost 48 hours with temps around 35* in our household!!!! What kind of service are the folks of Portland getting? I looked on the map of power outages in other cities and states, Portland ALWAYS RANKS TOP 3 IN POWER OUTAGES EVERY YEAR WHY IS THAT SO PG&E? 18% INCREASE HUH?! GREEDY EVIL COMPANY RAISES CUSTOMER'S RATES BY 18% SMFH
UE 416-102 1/18/2024 10:36:12 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Ray Ozyjowski PORTLAND Rates rising 18%, and we hear every day that inflation is easing. Natural gas prices have been extremely low until this freeze, yet we see this kind of increase? Something is fishy
UE 416-103 1/18/2024 7:55:08 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Krzysztof Czaja PORTLAND I want to express how unhappy I am with PGE. Substantial electricity price increase in the middle of winter while PGE starts paying dividends and keeps raising already outrageously high salaries of executives is an evidence that the increase is not necessary and that the corporation serves its shareholders and not the people of Portland. All in times of cost of living and homelessness crisis. Recent extreme weather shows that the infrastructure is in a very bad shape, why are the powerlines not buried? That’s what they should spend extra money on: improvements, not dividends.
UE 416-104 1/18/2024 9:56:17 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web PORTLAND I am concerned about the fragility of PGE infrastructure, especially in relation to aerial lines and tree falls knocking out residential power. I live in the southwest hills of Portland, our entire neighborhood (218 customers) lost power for almost 5 days, it was restored for a little over 24hrs only to go out AGAIN. This is unacceptable, and PGE should have prepared for this. There’s no excuse, we had warnings of inclement weather conditions headed our way for weeks, and it appears that there was nothing done to prepare for it.
UE 416-105 1/19/2024 11:45:28 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Brian StJohn PORTLAND It's high time to address the critical state of our electric grid. In the past week, Portland has witnessed unprecedented power outages due to severe weather, leading to tragic consequences. Lives have been lost, residents have been endangered by downed power lines, and countless individuals have suffered in freezing conditions within their own homes. This is unacceptable in a modern city like Portland. Our infrastructure should be robust enough to withstand weather events. The lack of discussion on this critical issue in recent PUC dockets is alarming. We demand immediate action and transparent communication about plans to modernize our electric system. The community deserves to know when this will be addressed and expects the commission to ask tough, direct questions to prevent such disasters in the future. In the 21st century, it's intolerable for a city in the United States to be crippled by a weather event. While we can manage road closures and shelter-in-place orders, it's unreasonable to expect residents to 'shelter' without basic utilities like electricity. Action is needed now to safeguard our community and prevent future crises.
UE 416-106 1/19/2024 1:20:02 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Steven Witten PORTLAND Late in 2023, Portland General Electric (PGE) was granted an 18% general rate increase. While I am cognizant of the reason why PGE asked for this increase and generally support it, the Public Utilities Commission needs to ensure that revenue generated from this increase goes toward customer service, emergency preparedness, investing in new technology to build a resilient and fault-tolerant power grid; (WAY!) better public information dissemination facilities during severe weather events and renewable new supplies. Given the tough terrain and unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest, PGE does an admirable job of providing safe and reliable electric power. However, there is always room for improvement. ABSOLUTELY NONE of the rate-increase revenue should be spent on: - executive salaries, bonuses and other compensation; - shareholder dividends; - stock buy-backs; and - any other financial activities NOT designed to sustain and improve customer service. Regards,
UE 416-107 1/16/2024 5:17:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Autumn Valls PORTLAND Can you tell me why the PGE CEO made over 6 MILLION DOLLARS last year while the cost per KwH went up almost 20%? It's disgusting, egregious, greedy, and vile. Nobody should make that much money, especially not while thousands of Portlanders struggle to pay their electric bills already. Fire the people who made this decision, and turn PGE into a public utility district. PGE has a monopoly on energy, so who is regulating the C-suite's unchecked greed? Sincerely, A pissed off Portlander who is struggling to afford to live
UE 416-108 1/17/2024 12:23:24 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Chelsea Terry SANDY its your responsibility to invest in infrastructure that doesn't constantly fail. You are risking the lives of people and animals with your greed. Many other places in the US and abroad have infrastructure that is built for the climate that it exists in. This is not normal. This is cruel and negligence om your behalf
UE 416-109 1/18/2024 4:32:34 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Joolia Snocone TIGARD I live in a 534 sq. Ft new apartment with excellent insulation. There is absolutely no reason my power bill doubled in the last week before the snow storm when my usage is typically $45 per month during the winter. 18% rate hike is higher than inflation and I live in subsidized housing. I keep my thermostat at 68°F and sometimes run the dishwasher. How do you explain my cost doubling per day when my usage was lower than it was in December? I am putting my money toward my student loans. I refuse to pay an excessive rate hike so the execs of PGE can have millions of income between them. I live scrupulously and within my means and PGE just screwed my tiny budget over.
UE 416-11 11/9/2023 12:32:55 AM 11/7/2023 12:07:19 PM General Comment Email Company: PGE Name: Kevin Mc Cann CBR: 503-740-1651 Issue: UE 416 – Kevin states if PGE is going to do something with time of day they could do peak and off peak versus mid peak. It’s confusing on how the billing works. Even the basic service is a little high, but 17% higher is really crazy. He has senior living in the house and this is a burden for those on social security. The cost of living for social security is only increasing 3% and is not enough to cover this. He doesn’t understand why the rates need to be so high and wish they would trim that down. There is a lot of low income people who can’t afford to pay their utility bills and need assistance, if they even qualify for it. Inflation is already impacting to many and doesn’t understand why PGE needs to increase their rates. Danielle Jenkins Compliance Specialist Oregon Public Utility Commission<> Work 971-375-5087 Fax 503-378-5743 Confidentiality Notice: This email and any attachments are for the sole use of the intended recipient (s) and contain information that may be confidential and/or legally privileged. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender by reply email and delete the message. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this communication by someone other than the intended recipient is prohibited.
UE 416-110 1/19/2024 7:55:14 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Gavin Stueve SANDY The electricity here is extremely unreliable yet PGE continues to raise rates and increase all of the big wigs salaries. PGE puts their shareholders before their customers. I am 23 years old and moved to Sandy OR this most previous November and my power has been out more that is has in my whole life back home in North Dakota despite NDs weather being way worse! Change needs to be done
UE 416-111 1/17/2024 4:33:25 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web HAPPY VALLEY I am saddened and disheartened that not only we lost power, but that so many others are still without after so long. Why must we continue to not bury lines underground ? Why must we increase rates to line your pockets? Shame on you.
UE 416-112 1/17/2024 7:42:54 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web PORTLAND Don't raise my tastes unless I'm paying for upgraded service. Inauspicious new infrastructure, then maybe it's OK. It is wrong and I want you to stop
UE 416-113 1/22/2024 12:31:27 AM 1/19/2024 9:30:32 AM General Comment Email It’s cold and w/out power. Need help to get infrastructure improvements with out high electricity costs. Please improve!! Thank you, David Sent from my iPhone
UE 416-114 1/22/2024 12:31:31 AM 1/19/2024 9:09:50 AM General Comment Email Could you please review Portland General Electric's Board of Directors compensation packages in light of recent rate hikes and service provided? They do not appear to align. Thank you.
UE 416-115 1/22/2024 12:31:34 AM 1/18/2024 9:48:41 AM General Comment Email Oregon PUC, Given the economy today including inflation and interest rates I find it incredibly irresponsible of the Oregon public utilities commission would allow Portland General electric to increase rates 17%. This increase is way in excess of inflation. It is not the Repair's responsibility to make up for Portland General electric's irresponsible maintenance of equipment and infrastructure. This rate increase stinks of old time political "PORK BELLY". Bob Brown Happy Valley
UE 416-116 1/22/2024 12:31:36 AM 1/17/2024 2:29:33 PM General Comment Email WHAT IS THE FIRST PART OF THIS THREE WORD COMMISSION? IS IT PUBLIC? Based on your recent decisions, you might as well call it the UC. You have TOTAL disregard for the PUBLIC when you allow utilities to increase rates, with ZERO PUBLIC input. Was the PUBLIC given a say before our PGE rates were increased 18% only to see NOT better service but much WORSE! If you were asked to pay 18% more for a service or product, wouldn't you expect that service to be better? How can you say PGE has offered 18% BETTER service with LONGER service delays in this storm. IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER SITUATION. TO ALLOW 18% INCREASES WHILE USERS ARE WITHOUT SERVICE FOR 24-72 HOURS OR LONGER!!! IN MY EYES, MORE MONEY=BETTER SERVICE, MORE CREW=FASTER SERVICEI Instead all I got from PGE was poor communication, no response to my referring to their 18% rate increase WHICH BY THE WAY YOU APPROVED WITH ZERO PUBLIC INPUT!!!, just the number of crews working on the issue! AGAIN WITH 1600 CREWS WORKING FROM OTHER STATES THE PROBLEM SHOULD BE RESOLVED QUICKER, NOT SLOWER! My guess is PGE will ask for another pay increase next year, which you will allow, again with ZERO PUBLIC input, because they will say they need it to fix the issues they had with communicating with customers during this storm. I also don't buy the coincidence that their phone system JUST HAPPENED TO GO DOWN AT THE BIGGEST WINTER STORMS IN YEARS! IF this is TRULY the PUBLIC Utility Commission, the PUBLIC that pays those utilities NEEDS to have a say in rate increases otherwise quit fooling yourselves and ACTING LIKE you care about what the public pays for utilities, and call yourself the OUC OREGON UTILITIES COMMISSION, because continuing to raise rates, without making sure it includes better service, shows you DON'T care about the PUBLIC. These sorts of delays, with the amount of notice that the storm was coming is UNACCEPTABLE! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!
UE 416-117 1/17/2024 2:03:17 PM OTHER General Comment Web Kristian PORTLAND Portland is a hot mess. Why are so many people without power? Why is our infrastructure failing? This is embarrassing, and dangerous. We need to be better prepared for extreme weather.
UE 416-118 1/24/2024 12:32:37 AM 1/22/2024 12:23:29 PM General Comment Email How many times are you going to ok Pacific Power rate increases? They got a rate increase last year and now one,already this year??? Nothing like kicking the consumer when they're down! I'd be interested to know how Pacific Power's stock holders are doing. Are they losing money because the utility didn't start burying their lines years ago. How about not running power to places that are at such risk for forest fires, or burying them when you do provide a service. The consumer shouldn't be the only one paying for the fire damage that was done. Is Pacific Power doing anything about burying these lines so it doesn't happen again? Or will that be another rate increase every six months so they can make more money? Prices aren't coming down even though gas prices have. A lot of the companies reduce the size of items but still charge as much or more for them. When does it stop? Social Security got a whopping 3% raise. Wow, what will I do with all that money???? Oh I know, try and pay my bills you keep raising.
UE 416-119 1/24/2024 12:32:39 AM 1/20/2024 11:16:45 AM General Comment Email Have to complain in regards to PGE increase of near 20% while the CEO is giving herself a 20% pay raise every year. Her salary has gone from 3 million to 6+ million since 2018. The price gouging needs to stop. -April
UE 416-12 11/9/2023 12:32:57 AM 11/7/2023 12:03:17 PM General Comment Email Please let me how the PUC's approval of PGE's 17.2 percent rate increase in Oregon aligns with Govenor Kotek's push for affordable housing? Affordable housing is not just rent, it must take into consideration utilities. It appears the PUC is NOT fulfilling the mandate to protect Oregonians. Instead, it is "rubberstamping" PGE rate increases with no oversite. Kathryn Chambers 2360 Wintercreek Way SE Salem,Or. 97306
UE 416-121 1/25/2024 9:54:56 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Lance Hegner GRESHAM What is the reason for your approval of PGE's request to increase power consumption rates by 17 percent? Where is the transparency in how this money will be appropriately used to improve the experience of the customer? Why is the CEO of PGE allowed to increase her bonuses every single year to the tune of $6 million plus? Why is okay for PGE, who didn't do adequate limb clearing before the recent winter storm, to request compensation for their own negligence?They have been laying off lines-workers every year and relying on contracted workers only in states of emergencies. Why are they laying off all their workers who would be doing the proactive work before the storms? PGE has a monopoly choke hold on the greater Portland area and your measly board of 2 morally corrupt individuals are letting them strangle the already struggling public. Why do you think this is okay? People are not happy and will be moving out of this once great city. You are making it harder for the average citizen while rewarding corrupt corporations by letting them take more. Please reconsider your entire flawed mode of operation and oppose any more price hikes by corporations. Most of the inflation caused today is merely a reflection of our corrupt bureaucratic systems allowing corporate greed to run amuck rather than natural economic phenomena.
UE 416-122 1/25/2024 2:18:05 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Kevin Stalsberg BRIGHTWOOD I do not understand how the PUC or anyone would approve a huge rate increase for PGE. Oregon residents are already struggling with making ends meet, obviously this doesn’t apply to the PUC board members because of their lack of support for Oregon residents. PGE gets this huge rate increase and so far this month we have been without power for over 5 days straight. I truly hope that there is a mechanism in place to repeal this exorbitant rate increase.
UE 416-123 1/26/2024 10:46:28 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web unknown unknown SALEM Name: Unknown Issue: UE 416 - why charge so much on electric bills more than landlords? Landlords can only do 5% - upset about the 17% - feels not acceptable – adv on reasons why and available on PUC website – he states that PUC hasn’t done their job with – feels PUC getting pockets filled by someone other than the government – as far as the consumers is concerned we are not doing our job – and feels we should all be fired
UE 416-124 11/9/2023 4:25:16 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Max Belousov PORTLAND This is IRRESPONSIBLE. Spending on upgrades without any regard for utility customers burden short term is NEGLIGENCE. Anyone involved in budgeting and approving this need to be fired IMMEDIATELY. They are disconnected from reality. RE: The exact amount customer bills will increase differs based on customer class and will vary from amounts below based on additional OPUC approvals. Current approved increases for PGE’s rate case include: 17.2% for residential customers 15.9% for commercial customers 11% for industrial customers
UE 416-125 11/24/2023 9:49:14 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Mycala Donel PORTLAND I’m astonished that you all let PGE raise rates by 17% and that is just the start. Several reasons why this doesn’t make sense: - sure the lowest income folks will not be harmed yet you are further inviting people not to grow out of that income bracket and low-moderate income homes will be hit the hardest on this. - you are ensuring that many folks will stray away from heat pumps now. I work with communities to try and move them from oil and gas into heating systems like heat pumps. Yet many of them are already concerned about the cost difference between natural gas and electricity so you are further pushing out those possibilities through these huge hikes. - instead of giving PGE more money why not incentivize them to stop using fossil fuels. The public doesn’t realize how much gas and coal they use and when you try to find these %s online the general public will be challenged to find them. - so you forced the NWN price drop and PGE to go up, do you even realize the message here? - lastly the state of OR is doing very little to change the dynamics in Portland where people are leaving every day, moving away from the trash, graffiti, homeless camps, lost downtown etc. and now you do one more thing to push people away. And the folks that are moving here are from places like Bay area in CA where these high prices are normal and happen at the expense of the people. If only the state would stop funding developers and bring OR back to what drew people here. The OR PUC is now part of the challenge vs solutions. Sad on very many levels!
UE 416-126 1/22/2024 2:54:08 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web William Carlson HILLSBORO I am shocked at PGE’s rate increase of about 19%. This is an outrage and makes life very hard for all users, and especially low and fixed income folks. What recourse do customers have? How stringent was the oversight for this increase? This increase is many times the rate of inflation.
UE 416-127 1/23/2024 12:01:50 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Reed Zelinski PORTLAND In the past 2 years rate increases equaling 30% has been approved by the commission. reed states these increases are unsustainable for low-income families that were barely scrapping by to begin with. He cited pay increases for executives, and higher payouts to shareholders. He said if these increases do not result in more profit, how are they paying out more to shareholders and increasing salaries. he also states he believes PGE is making profits off of the hydro power that is funded by the federal government, which would also be wrong. He said if these increases continue his bill will be 100% more in 2030 that it was in 2022. He said it is outrageous that the commission continues to approve these rate increases.
UE 416-128 1/25/2024 2:52:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Anastacia Grigorov PORTLAND These latest price hikes are unacceptable, good to see our utility provider putting it's executives' million dollar ( bonuses before the people they serve.
UE 416-129 1/26/2024 10:54:33 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Patricia Ancharski PORTLAND I have PGE and before the rate hike my electric bill in December was the highest electric bill I ever had. January’s bill is ridiculous!!! I have a gas furnace. It is just my husband and I we cook and heat our water with electricity. Of course the washer and dryer is electric. I am at a loss as to why my electric bill is $234. I lived in Pennsylvania with brutal winters and never had a bill that high. I also lived in Georgia and Nevada and never paid so much for electricity. What is going on here???? I will be looking into gas appliances and will work to reduce my use of electricity. I think we are being gauged here by a private company that is money hungry with a CEO that makes 5 million dollars a year. Just outrageous! Patricia Ancharski
UE 416-13 11/14/2023 11:17:21 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Jan PORTLAND I disagree with the proposed 17% rate increase. It is not sustainable and will hurt a lot of people who cannot afford this increase.
UE 416-130 1/29/2024 5:07:31 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Anthony Adams LAKE GROVE The price hikes to PGE customers are absolutely disgusting. Your mission, and I quote, is to "ensure Oregonians have access to safe, reliable[,] and FAIRLY PRICED [emphasis mine] utility services that advance state policy and promote the public interest." I'll start with state policy and public interest. As a proud Oregonian, I think I speak for a great number of my fellow residents of the Beaver state when I say we have a strong, demonstrated interest in renewable and clean energy. As a for-profit company looking to do business in the state, you are or should be aware of the cost risk this poses to your bottom line. Yet a little whining to you, the OPUC, and a $4.15 BILLION company is allowed to pass off nearly all of its cost related to investing in renewable energy to its alternative-free customers. Shame on each and every one of you spineless "representatives," you should be embarrassed by how easily a suit and a PowerPoint presentation can sway your decision making. We, the public, rely on you to regulate a MONOPOLY, and you have failed mightily.
UE 416-131 1/31/2024 12:31:30 AM 1/26/2024 9:04:25 AM General Comment Email How is this price increase legal? I have above average income and yet what was a manageable 150 dollar a month bill, just came in at 250 dollars after their unethical price hike. That's enough to interfere with paying for health insurance for one of my family members. I don't qualify for any programs because of my income. At what point does the state care about businesses that essentially have a monopoly doing things like this?
UE 416-132 1/31/2024 3:32:33 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Support Docket Web Andrew Jorgenson PORTLAND Increasing our power costs 17%, far past the inflation rate, is ridiculous. PGE, as you expect it to as a publicly traded company, is prioritizing shareholders over the well being of Oregonians.
UE 416-133 1/30/2024 7:11:41 PM PUC Oppose Docket Web Marisol Milliender PORTLAND We just received our PGE bill for January and it's $60 higher, not the $25 "estimated" increase we were told to expect. This, despite not turning on the heat during the recent ice storm because we wanted to keep costs down. There's only so much we can cut out of our expenses and actually get through the month. Because every utility is going up in price. But PGE's rate hike is egregiously outrageous. We rent, and rent increased by $130. Our water bill is an extra $25 a month. I feel like this increase is placing unnecessary hardship on consumers who will be faced with the prospect of juggling paying their electric bill vs. paying for groceries, medicine, etc. Every month we're going to face the possibility that we can't pay the bill, or we'll have to shuffle it over to a credit card, putting ourselves further behind. We didn't get a raise in 2023, yet PGE's stockholders and president will never have to worry about covering their basic bills. How is this equitable? Answer, it's not, and we the consumers are paying for it.
UE 416-134 2/1/2024 12:31:46 AM 1/31/2024 5:37:39 PM General Comment Email RECEIVED DEC 19 2023 P.U.C. Oregon Public Utilities Commission 201 High St. SE #100 Dear Public Utilities Commission: As a PGE customer I am shocked that you are allowing them to slam their customers so bad in 2024. 17%! The biggest rate hike in 20 years! You also gave them a rate hike for 2023! I don’t know if they got rate hikes in 2020 – 2022 but they prob’ly did. I was reading that PGE has some of the highest rates in the country from 2009-2019. The Consumer Price Index was 19% and PGE’s rate were at 31%! It’s time for you to help us PGE customers. No more hikes for quite a while. Let them use money from their own profits to invest in what they need. We consumers can’t bail out everybody. Our rates should be cheap because they use renewable energy. Regards, Angry at YOU
UE 416-135 2/1/2024 12:31:49 AM 1/30/2024 12:51:48 PM General Comment Email The recent increase of 18% by PGE is outrageous. And after a rough two weeks of below ZERO temps and snow & ice, people are now getting their electric bills. For the majority of these people, their sole source of heat is also electric! Their bills are astronomical!! How could you … in good conscience … approve such a drastic increase especially considering that the State is trying to push Electric over Natural Gas? It is appalling that a governor appointed Commission could put its citizens in such dire straits. One can only assume you are getting some kickback from the Utility for allowing such a steep increase. And I am even more concerned about the upcoming PGE increases that the Utility wants to tack onto their invoices. There is even talk about using some type of increase to offset their liabilities for the wildfires in the State. It’s obvious these are moves to keep their investors happy and “in cash” with no concern about the citizens of Oregon. My first response to PGE would be - figure it out!!! They should be held accountable for how they spend their money and be more efficient in its use; not subject citizens to their own shortcomings. Concerned Citizens will be watching you and how you handle such an audacious move by PGE. Let us hope you can see through PGE’s motives and not approve any further increases. Thank you for your time. Joe Hovey Portland OR
UE 416-136 2/1/2024 9:31:03 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Emily Calkins BEAVERTON Good morning. I am writing to protest the 18% rate increase recently given to PGE. My electric bill has nearly doubled. This is completely unacceptable. It is simply wrong and unfair that the average person has to work more hours, potentially take an additional job, or choose between paying an outrageously high electric bill and other basic necessities like food, medicine, and other utilities. It's time that agencies such as PUC really look hard at the needs of the public and compare those against corporate greed. Thank you for your consideration.
UE 416-137 2/1/2024 11:10:51 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Concerned Serf PORTLAND The commissions decision to increase utility costs has had a significant negative impact on every family in Oregon while PGE's current CEO is making 5+million dollars a year in salary alone. If PGE is unable to maintain their business model without a near 20 percent increase to their cost of goods there is a problem. Capitulating to their rate increase request encourages bad business practices in a company that has a near monopoly on power in this state. The commission has a responsibility to ensure our utility companies are operating competitively in a non competitive market. Do better.
UE 416-138 1/31/2024 8:59:47 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Janel Sigley MILWAUKIE I respectfully ask that you reconsider these enormous and burdensome PGE/PPL electricity rate increases. People can barely afford to live here as it stands now. It will be nearly impossible to live here with the rate increases, with more people requiring assistance and at risk of adding to the areas already overwhelmed homeless population (although, perhaps that’s the ultimate goal of the local government).
UE 416-139 2/1/2024 11:53:24 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Kim Hoffman PORTLAND Stop driving those of us barely making it. I’m a landlord and lowering my rents despite the cost of inflation as more people get the hell away from this once great city. You’re aware this is not a cost that all can afford and your greed will displace innocent people. People like me who earn less when there are inflation strikes will be sad because you can’t raise rates with consideration of those who live on tight budgets.
UE 416-14 11/14/2023 11:19:17 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Jan MILWAUKIE I disagree with the proposed 17% rate increase. It is not financially possible and will hurt a lot of families who cannot afford this increase!
UE 416-140 2/5/2024 12:31:37 AM 2/1/2024 1:33:25 AM General Comment Email The rate increase from PGE and Pacific Power after years of their own neglect and refusing to invest profits in maintaining their equipment is unjustified and insulting to their customers, especially after winter storms took out power, and both companies caused fires in the community through their neglect. They cannot pass the costs onto the victims of their neglect.
UE 416-141 2/7/2024 12:31:32 AM 2/3/2024 11:49:23 PM General Comment Email I've read your whole entire spiel about it being 18%. I've looked at my past history of the same usage around a thousand kilowatts and you're wrong it's 22.7% increase on power 22% increase on basic charge went from $11 to $12.82. and on distribution went went to 13.9% increase and on transmission 1.3% increase. nowhere in there was 18% increase whatsoever ! You just didn't increase on the power you increased on every section that you possibly could at different intervals of percentages this is what we would call a scam. One last thing before I Go. You say all these increases were for safety reliability etc etc. So when it comes summertime because you've done all this pruning to vegetation for fire reduction stated in your website. so are you going to turn off our power like you've done in the past for fires. So when I called in and reported the pruning guys doing nothing on our road for 5 hours sitting in their trucks sleeping and I could see them on my Camera system, so I called in, you guys called me back told me that you were going to reprimand the crew. Is this the reasoning why the increases due to they were supposed to be pruning and charging you a bill which would then be charged to the customers down the road. Just makes me wonder if there's more misuse of time? If it happened on my road who's to say it's not happening all over?? If you like to get back to me you have my name as well as my address. thank you very much Dave Masias 47707 Southeast wagoneer loop drive Sandy Oregon 97055.
UE 416-142 2/9/2024 4:13:21 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Byron unknown SALEM not happy with rate increase for utilities- 18% is too much – wish PUC would have come up with something different – a lot of people can’t afford this increase like families or the elderly – does not feel this is fair – feels citizens should have a say in this on a ballet – food increases are continuing and people are already having to cut back – had $80 increase in electricity bill – would like to have a solution for this and feels consumers may take PUC to court over this
UE 416-143 2/8/2024 6:48:08 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sarah ESTACADA How do you come to the conclusion of the price increase in utilities, besides "inflation" PGE is one of the most overpayed electric companies. I would assume these should be decisions for oregonians to make. Not a unelected Utility commission. The citizens of the United States are done bending over. You all work for us, not the other way around.
UE 416-144 2/12/2024 8:54:55 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web PORTLAND There really needs to be price regulation on utilities. The increases in utility costs, especially Power, that we have experienced over the last year is causing huge strains on most households. Do not tell me these companies aren’t seeing record profits.
UE 416-145 2/8/2024 11:17:33 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Kelsey W PORTLAND Thanks for nearly doubling my electric bill from last month to this month. Guess I’ll just stop eating now so I can afford lights.
UE 416-146 2/13/2024 1:41:03 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sean Ledwidge PORTLAND I contacted PGE about a high bill and was told the PUC approved a rate increase, which I am upset by. I feel it's ridiculous that the PUC okayed an almost 20% increase in power and landlords don’t even do that. I don't want to hear the reasons why and the upsell about natural gas. We should fire the commission and shut them down. The PUC is worthless and are playing golf with the PGE guys.
UE 416-147 2/14/2024 12:31:33 AM 2/13/2024 12:12:20 PM General Comment Email Sent from my iPhone
UE 416-148 2/14/2024 12:31:37 AM 2/12/2024 10:04:32 PM General Comment Email Hello, you should never let PGE raise our electricity bills you are going to have people living in the street or without utilities because of this, I had to go back to work because of high rents and now I have double the electric bill! Stop beating up the elderly person in this state! Even our food is higher and then go and let PGE raise our electricity get a clue about what your doing to the people that live here instead of your pockets! Thank you Cynthia LaChester Portland Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
UE 416-149 2/13/2024 5:50:07 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Russell Johnson NEWBERG I must protest the 22% increase in PGE residential rates taking effect this year. This has created a heavy burden on many Oregonians on top of several years of high inflation. Whatever increase that was determined to be necessary, after PGE proved they have cut waste and unnecessary expenditures, should have been rolled in over time, say 7-8% over 3 years. The "Public" in the name PUC should always come first, over any profits, which are never necessary for public utilities, except for investment back into the business. Public utilities should be non-profit, anyway. People cannot prosper without electricity in the 21st century and no one should expect a "profit" when it comes to the welfare of the community.
UE 416-15 11/29/2023 12:32:21 AM 11/23/2023 11:06:04 AM General Comment Email ?Hello, According to PGE’s Web site in late November, the new electricity rates beginning in January will increase by over 17% for residential customers and only about 11% for industrial customers. My questions: What justification did PGE provide you for such a huge disparity in rate increases? And was their justification honest (fact-based)? Their Web site used only generalities, no data. Why does the homeowner need to shoulder the biggest burden of this huge increase? By contrast, our water rates went up this year and will again next January, but as compared to industrial users (in fact, all other categories of users), the rate increase was almost identical: 10.4% each year for us homeowners and 10.5% for industrial users.* That looks a lot more like fair treatment, wouldn’t you say? Looking forward to your reply; please include my comment in those you will consider in your official comment period. Sincerely, Philip Kollas Hillsboro OR *City of Hillsboro Utilities Commission handout, &quot;Water Rate 2023 &amp; 2024 Proposed Water Rates,&quot; October 3, 2022. The actual increase for homeowners for 2023 was indeed as proposed, and the 2024 rate increase will also be as advertised.
UE 416-150 2/14/2024 12:29:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Miranda Ripka PORTLAND To whom it may concern, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to address my growing concerns and frustrations regarding the recent rate/cost adjustments for PGE implemented in January 2024. I want to begin by expressing my appreciation for the diligent work you and your team undertake to ensure the smooth functioning of our state's utilities. However, it is with great concern that I bring to your attention the significant impact these adjustments have had on my family's financial well-being. In comparing our expenses from last year, I am alarmed to find that our costs have surged by 27%, despite accounting for a modest increase in power consumption of 6% within my household. The steep rise in rates for various "Energy Charges" compounds this burden further, with increases ranging between 15-33% across multiple categories, as detailed below: Rate Increases: BASIC CHARGE 2023: $11.00 2024: $13.00 Increase: 18.17% ENERGY USE CHARGE 2023: $0.06642 2024: $0.08814 INCREASE: 32.69% TRANSMISSION CHARGE 2023: $0.00585 2024: $0.00678 INCREASE: 15.89% DISTRIBUTION CHARGE 2023: $0.05447 2024: $0.06844 INCREASE: 25.63% While I understand the complex factors such as inflation and the rising costs of living that contribute to these adjustments, I must emphasize the significant strain they place on households like mine, barely making ends meet on a middle-class salary. My concern extends beyond personal finances to the broader impact on our community's well-being. When will the needs and livelihoods of everyday people take precedence in these decisions? I implore you to consider the human element behind these numbers and take decisive action to alleviate the burden placed on hardworking families. I appreciate your attention to this matter and eagerly await your response. Your efforts in addressing these concerns are crucial in ensuring the continued prosperity and welfare of our community. Thank you for your time and consideration.
UE 416-151 2/14/2024 8:40:31 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web jack devine PORTLAND These prices are unacceptable. Especially when the top earners of the power companies are getting millions every year in bonuses alone. This is pure corruption and greed. It will come back to you if these price hikes are not reduced back to lower than before the hike. Everyone knows it so just greed.
UE 416-152 2/15/2024 9:59:41 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web leonard masters HILLSBORO I am unhappy with the rate increase. I am already getting discounted rate through company but still paying same amount for lower usage in January from December. I am a senior on limited income and can't afford the 18% increase. I feel there should be allowances for those who can’t afford the increase, especially since all the utilities are going up.
UE 416-153 2/16/2024 10:38:47 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Heather Tourville ESTACADA I just received a $668 bill from PGE and want to lodge concerns I have about the recent rate increase. This is not sustainable for OR families. I am not sure how we can continue to afford bills like this, especially in this economy, it’s just not sustainable! I am not sure who is in charge but the average person can’t cover this, and they need to be aware. There should be more competition so PGE can’t just keep raising rates like this. Please no more rate increases!
UE 416-154 2/19/2024 12:31:38 AM 2/16/2024 8:15:12 AM General Comment Email The recent energy price increases are a burden when we have to pay more for everything else. We need relief, not more energy price hikes. Please find lower cost energy because this is getting out of hand. Sent from my iPhone
UE 416-155 2/21/2024 12:32:46 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Gorgeen Penketh GRESHAM Gorgeen called to raise her concerns about the PGE rate increase. She wants it noted that she makes less than $20,000 a year but the executives at PGE are making millions. I explained to her the salary approved by the PUC is much lower than what they make. She asked me to send the public comment in for her because she does not use a computer. I agreed and explained her comment will be public record.
UE 416-156 2/22/2024 12:31:43 AM 2/17/2024 1:04:16 PM General Comment Email It's far too high! Our January Bill was ridiculous. I get that there was a lot of inflation last year, but this hike is greater than that. How do you expect normal people to jsut absorb this into their budget. Every other utility has gone up too. The price of food has skyrocketed. Wages are the same. How was this ever approved.
UE 416-157 2/19/2024 8:47:26 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Mary Wright PORTLAND I cannot agree with the PGE HUGE INCREASE in charges that have slapped the people of Portland! A small increase is expected but I have heard 25% and 18% reports from others. My charge for one month appears to be 62% MORE than my equal pay..... and I have alternate sources of heat to help! This is NOT OK. NOT sustainable!
UE 416-158 2/19/2024 5:52:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Gordon Pritchard MILWAUKIE I have a complaint regarding my electric bill with PGE. Last year on this billing cycle, I had an actual cost of $292.00 for my electric bill. This year, I used 3% less electricity for the same billing cycle, but this year my actual cost went up to $355.00. I am not an actuary but I believe this is much higher than the 18% that PGE was allowed to raise. How can this be allowed?
UE 416-159 2/20/2024 12:05:35 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sarah Clarke OREGON CITY Hello, I know that I am not the only person or household severely effected by the giant spike in my PGE bill the past few months. We are a family of 4, soon to be 5, we have only LED lights, practically only use limited lights once it's dark outside. We keep our thermostat at 67 during the day and 65 at night. It has felt disastrous seeing the continued climb of our PGE bill since the first of the year. I don't know how normal households are going to be able to stay afloat. I worry about my extended family on fixed incomes, my friends making just enough to get by, my neighbors who have large families, my community and my state. I don't understand how this huge increase was allowed to pass and it causes tremendous concern for us. For a state feeling on the edge of losing all of its most loyal residents, this seems to push loyalty to the edges of a pit we can't climb out of. I don't understand how this increase is supposed to be seen as anything other than another effort to remove the middle and lower class. Please explain.
UE 416-16 12/1/2023 12:32:00 AM 11/29/2023 1:48:26 PM General Comment Email From: Kathryn Chambers <<>> Sent: Tuesday, November 7, 2023 12:03 PM To: Rep Andersen <<>> Cc: Governor Kotek * GOV <<>>; PUC CONSUMER PUC * PUC <<>> Subject: PGE Rate Increase Please let me how the PUC's approval of PGE's 17.2 percent rate increase in Oregon aligns with Govenor Kotek's push for affordable housing? Affordable housing is not just rent, it must take into consideration utilities. It appears the PUC is NOT fulfilling the mandate to protect Oregonians. Instead, it is "rubberstamping" PGE rate increases with no oversite. Kathryn Chambers 2360 Wintercreek Way SE Salem,Or. 97306<>
UE 416-160 2/20/2024 2:01:55 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Lisa Cramer PORTLAND I would just like to go on record in protest of the new PGE rate hike. I am shocked and disappointed that you could approve such a large rate increase especially at this time when inflation is so high. Please don't approve any more rate hikes for a long time and if you must approve an increase keep it small. I have a $175.00 water/sewer bill and a $357.00 electric bill this month. That is $532.00 in one month for just those two utilities, it's outrageous. If I could move out of Portland I definitely would.
UE 416-161 2/20/2024 4:24:13 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sarah Genuine MULTNOMAH Please break down why my pg&e bill in Multnomah county is on influx. In terms that everyone can follow and facts that are sound and straight. I want to know what I should be upset about specifically and where to channel my reaction to the amount I am now billed monthly. Thank you for the time, Sarah Long
UE 416-162 2/22/2024 8:36:56 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Lesley Charette HILLSBORO I hope someone here is investigating the outrageously high electric bills in Hillsboro and Beaverton. Some residence have the highest bills I have ever seen in my life. They can not afford their rent or food due to the insanely high electric bills. It is a good old fashioned Monopoly and people are being held over a cliff... I live in Washington State right across the river, in a 3600 square foot home and my Daughter and her family who live in an 1600 Sq Ft Apartment pays over double what I pay. They are far more conscientious about turning off lights. They are a small 3 person family with a small child in school, and they don't even have AC... The father makes good money at Intel but yet every last bit of their money goes to electric.... Intel should get involved. The good money they are paying their employees is getting sucked dry by PGE. It is like PGE knows they make good money out there so they take it. My good friend who lives in Gresham in a Large Home, similar in size to mine, pays half of what my daughter pays. How is that? It is a strong arm (feels like organized crime) situation. Something needs to be done!!!!!
UE 416-163 2/18/2024 12:13:42 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Marius Trastanetz BEAVERTON How much increase does PGE need? They increase it every year by 15-17% and the salary increase by 2-3%. Very soon people will not be able to pay any utility.
UE 416-164 2/17/2024 5:28:23 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Scott Betterly GRESHAM Portland General Electric's CEO is Maria Pope, appointed in Oct 2017, has a tenure of 6.25 years. total yearly compensation is $6.29M, comprised of 16.9% salary and 83.1% bonuses, including company stock and options. directly owns 0.098% of the company’s shares, worth $4.36M. Did she take a pay cut? or take a pay raise? and your making family's choose between food and power. SHAME ON YOU
UE 416-165 2/23/2024 12:31:35 AM 2/21/2024 8:45:48 AM General Comment Email From a customer, The news reported that there are shareholders of PGE whose profits had to be taken into account regarding rate hikes. The CEO of PGE made over $14 million in 2022. I doubt it's gone down. Rate hikes should be tied to decreases in pay for the CEO and the executives of PGE, and shareholder interests need to be a secondary concern, not a priority. PGE relies on a taxpayer funded infrastructure and frankly, privatization of energy is born of more antigovernment nonsense. There simply are some things in this country that should be driven by service to the taxpayers and not greed. I am absolutely disgusted and will get my home as much off this greedy corporate grid as possible. Businesses in America have completely destroyed this country with their greed is good philosophy. I'm not talking about becoming communists or socialists, I'm talking about getting rid of corporations and people who put Americans last while stuffing their pockets with our money. Stop this insanity! Sincerely, A very upset customer Get Outlook for iOS
UE 416-166 2/23/2024 12:31:38 AM 2/19/2024 3:47:44 PM General Comment Email These rates are ridiculous. 18% increase. Or whatever the raise was. It added couple hundred extra to our bill this month. Especially during this time of our life prices are through the roof on everything. Upset customer!
UE 416-167 2/23/2024 12:31:41 AM 2/19/2024 3:18:03 PM General Comment Email Dear PUC, I trust this message finds you well and engaged in the critical matters affecting our community. I am compelled to bring to your attention a matter of significant concern: the recent announcement of an 18% increase in PGE rates. As a conscientious constituent deeply invested in the socio-economic welfare of our region, I am troubled by the profound implications of this exorbitant rate hike. The sudden escalation in utility costs not only poses an immediate financial strain on households and businesses but also threatens to exacerbate existing economic disparities within our constituency. It is imperative that we critically examine the rationale behind this unprecedented surge in PGE rates and take decisive action to alleviate its adverse effects on our constituents. Transparency and accountability must be paramount as we navigate this complex issue, ensuring that the interests of the public are safeguarded against unjustifiable financial burdens. Furthermore, I wish to underscore the profound impact that your response to this matter will have on my voting decision in the forthcoming election. As a discerning voter, I prioritize representatives who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to advocating for the welfare of their constituents and championing policies that promote equitable economic growth. Therefore, I implore you to proactively engage with stakeholders, explore alternative solutions, and advocate for measures that mitigate the adverse effects of this rate increase. Failure to address this issue in a meaningful and timely manner will undoubtedly influence my electoral support. Thank you for your attention to this pressing matter, and I eagerly anticipate your proactive response and decisive leadership in safeguarding the interests of our community. Warm regards, Mallory Vetter Molalla, OR
UE 416-168 2/23/2024 12:31:43 AM 2/19/2024 7:42:44 AM General Comment Email The PGE rate increase is criminal. It's time for a ballot measure to take control of the PUC and provide real oversight into this process. What a shame... All the best,
UE 416-169 2/23/2024 12:31:45 AM 2/18/2024 3:17:58 PM General Comment Email It is immoral that you authorized an 18% raise. I understand needing to raise prices; however, an 18% increase is too high! PGE continues to have outages that last for days, and consumers have no option but to use their service. Families were already struggling to heat their homes and keep food on the table. Increasing the rate during the coldest season of the year has hit everyone hard. PGE is projecting an increase in earnings to its shareholders in 2024 but that is coming directly at the expense of the public. In this modern age electricity is a need not a desire or want but a need. Do better for the citizens who rely on you to protect them. Deanna Ward
UE 416-17 12/28/2023 12:31:56 AM 12/27/2023 9:02:54 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email Government website said to send any comments/complaints/etc to here. If this is not the right place please direct me to that place. I just wanted to send a complaint about the constant increase of electricity here. I live in the city of sandy and the yearly PGE increases are making it unlivable. With a large increase within the last year and another 17% increase coming next month its making it almost impossible for Oregonians on this side of the state to live. My PGE bill alone is equal to almost all of my other utilities combined. Thank you, Alycia Ward
UE 416-171 3/4/2024 2:12:01 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Kristina Y TIGARD I simply do not run the ac when its hot or cold because I am broke. I make 40k a year without tax (at an office high stress job ), I can cannot afford to live by myself, and i most defiantly cant afford the rate increase. I am just trying to wash myself so I do not smell, and clean my dishes. I would get solar but i do not own a house and the plans for the "solar community grid" are still controlled by pge. Please help, we cant do this. And my car engine was eaten by rats.. i have a hybrid... but pge bill on top of my already high rent bill isnt helping me to fix it. I dont know how im able to be a functioning member of a society if I am drowning.
UE 416-172 3/2/2024 6:14:42 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Becca D PORTLAND The 20 percent rate hike feels egregious considering PGE was celebrating record profits and bonuses for their leadership. I don't understand why the rate hike was so high, or what the money is being spent on. PGE's CEO made a record amount of money last year, which feels like a disgusting instance of corporate greed rather than using the rate hike to pay for infrastructure improvements.
UE 416-173 3/2/2024 9:02:39 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Jeff Pritchard ALOHA The 18% rate hike is outrageous, especially given the time it took to fix outages after the ice storm In January. I wish i could get an 18% raise to keep up with the ever increasing prices of services that don’t offer anything new for the price increase.
UE 416-174 3/3/2024 7:45:21 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Alexa Hendrickson WOOD VILLAGE My electric bill is outrageous! The rate hikes are well beyond anything that is reasonable!
UE 416-175 3/3/2024 12:40:45 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Bryan Huffman BORING How did PGE justify a 33% rate increase? My bill shows that power charges increased 0.04 per kwh, from 0.12 to 0.16. This is much more than general inflation. Are you not doing anything to review this?
UE 416-176 3/7/2024 7:22:49 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Theresa Honeycutt BEAVERTON Among the many proposals that sit before the OPUC, I am shocked at the number that PGE alone has for rate increases. In a time when the consumers of required goods are being taken to the cleaners, the company chooses to put the burden of "infrastructure upgrades" and the like entirely on its customers. If a company like PGE is allowed to be a monopoly in the greater Portland metro area because of their standing with OPUC, they should be held accountable for their own infrastructure upgrades. Any company who has any infrastructure knows upgrades are part of the job. This is a for profit company. Who, like most others, are seeing record profits. So, rather than taking their plea for more money, it would be beneficial to look at the consumer who is unable to afford such an obsene increase, when there is no market for other options. That, should be held in much higher regard than a company plea. If your lowest income consumer, by in large, cannot afford the increase, how can it possibly be considered reasonable?
UE 416-178 3/13/2024 1:47:34 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Edward Murphy DAMASCUS The rate was supposed to be a 19% increase which is way too high and it turned out to be a 100%+ my bill went from $250 to $500+ a month. I live on social security and I don't get increases like that on my social security. I don't believe PGE is managing their wealth enough if they need a rate increase of 19%
UE 416-179 3/7/2024 9:39:29 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sherri Brubaker SALEM Last year my highest electricity bill was $200. January 2024 my bill was $600!! Something need to be done and quick.
UE 416-18 12/28/2023 12:31:59 AM 12/27/2023 5:51:57 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email Hi, concerned citizen here that the public had no input, vote etc in any increase PGE is now implementing. This is a huge increase- seeing folks say their bills are more than 17% higher. This needs to be recalled/stopped! Most Oregonians are struggling with all the inflation increases, elderly on fixed incomes. Please put a stop to this without public input. Thank you, Kelly Lewis
UE 416-180 3/7/2024 9:41:23 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web E J MILWAUKIE The recent rate hikes and proposed 2025 rate hikes from PGE are outrageous. We experienced a nearly 25% increase to our bill. Where is our energy bill money going if it isn't toward funding for FUTURE infrastructure improvements or natural disaster mitigation? It sounds like funds are mismanaged and not set aside for making improvements, but when improvements are made, suddenly comsumers are on the hook for funding those retroactively? I strongly encourage PUC to decline the proposed rate hikes from PGE for at least the next 2 years, and instead work with PGE on better fund management after the exorbitant rate hikes of the past few years. I also strongly encourage subsidies to be made more accessible and easily procured for low income and elderly customers who cannot even begin to afford these rate hikes. You have customer data. Use it.
UE 416-181 3/7/2024 10:14:58 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Leslie Smith ESTACADA The recent rate hikes by PGE are unacceptable. We are already paying some of the highest state taxes in the nation and are in an economic crisis. Lower rates immediately!
UE 416-182 3/7/2024 10:43:39 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Karen Joyce Greenhill ESTACADA I do understand how this last several years has been a challenge for PG&E, between the fires and then having to remove trees and limbs. Plus the constant battle to keep up with power outages, prevention as well as quick power restoration when frequent outages occur. But this is such a radical price increase! I personally am on a limited income as a senior. As it is, I have to keep my thermostat down to 62° in order to cut costs on electricity. In 2020 I added insulation to my attic. As well as underneath the floor of my home. But my house was built before the late 70s and is only 4x4 construction with minimal insulation. I can't afford your rate increases and now you're talking about another because the cost of effect of so many people being on solar! This seems so excessive to have a 25% increase.
UE 416-183 3/7/2024 12:39:08 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Larry Wiley WILSONVILLE What a joke, 40% increase in 4 years. Ridiculous, maybe the only utilities that are allowed to operate in Oregon shuold be owned by the public, like Clark County in Washington. Because of this increase I am now faced with deciding freeze or pay rent. 18% doesn't seem like a lot ti some, especially if you post high profits. Thank you Oregon politicians, thank you for allowing PGE to rob the public.
UE 416-184 3/7/2024 3:51:47 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Stephanae Ennis HILLSBORO People on ssi have no way of paying extra. This is a very unfair increase.
UE 416-185 3/7/2024 4:09:38 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Ashley Baker SANDY The rate increase is hurting families like mine . I'm a single mom of 3 and 2 of my kids are special needs. I live off ssi and can't pay my electric bills now. This is wrong. Your hurting the community more then anything
UE 416-186 3/7/2024 4:25:49 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Anon Anon SALEM Rate went up 300% ($600) during the recent ice storm, but has stayed around 200% since the rate increase and normal weather ($350). Ridiculous.
UE 416-187 3/7/2024 8:43:21 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Donalene Biller FOREST GROVE I am a senior citizen. I support 12 individuals on my property and in my home, 7 of those being minor children. Our power bill increased from an average of $900/month last year to $1700. I have budgeted for $1000/month. I don't know where another $700 can come from. It is impossible for us to continue to live in Washington Co.
UE 416-188 3/8/2024 8:31:14 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Teresa Weltz SALEM I think it's a little ridiculous to say that it was only an 18% rate increase. My mother's electric bill went from 600.00 to 890.00 this last month. Now can you figure out how much of a rate increase that is.
UE 416-189 3/11/2024 10:50:34 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Isaih Johnson PORTLAND I'm not usually involved in utilities public affairs. But after seeing my electric bill higher than I've ever seen it I had to figure out what was going on. Come to find out you approved an 18 percent rate hike on residents?! Why not businesses? I'm a disabled veteran living on a fixed income, every year things get more expensive, and publicly traded companies like Portland General Electric increase revenuez and profits at the expense of residents. I can barely afford life as it is, economic inequality is at an all time high, Portland is having a housing crisis and yall just made it harder to afford to live. I could easily end up a homeless vet, I like paycheck to paycheck like 60 percent of Americans. Thank you for your lack on concern.
UE 416-19 12/28/2023 12:32:02 AM 12/27/2023 12:59:47 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email Docket # EU 416 Near 20% increase is rediculous. Quit stripping us of out paychecks. No more greed
UE 416-190 5/21/2024 12:49:19 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Jeanetta English CLACKAMAS After the last rate hike from PGE, I can barely afford heat. I am on a time plan and still having difficulty. I (and others) cannot afford another rate hike. The shareholders/investors could take less and help us!
UE 416-20 12/28/2023 12:32:04 AM 12/26/2023 10:48:25 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email HELLO, I am very concerned about to recent and upcoming PGE rates that are going to increase! How can we continue to live with rates and everything going up! This rate change needs to stop
UE 416-21 12/29/2023 12:31:28 AM 12/28/2023 8:44:08 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Email From: Josh Hoch <> Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2023 7:47 AM To: PUC CONSUMER PUC * PUC <> Subject: Utility Increase<>. To whom it may concern: Under your leadership, Oregon has the highest utilities in the country and electric is set to go up another 17%, which is clearly unreasonable. The PUC claims that their mission is to ensure Oregonians have access to safe, reliable and fairly priced utility services. However, Oregon having the highest utility rates in the country seems to contradict their "fairly-priced" moniker. These PUC actions are harming the community so power companies can make more money. Utility rate hikes should at least be capped at 5%. A 37% increase in electric over the last 2 years. Natural Gas is up at least 20%, garbage has increased, Water/Sewer has gone up by a large margin. This sounds like a commission working for Utilities and not the people. Can you really expect Oregonians to afford these increases year after year? Sincerely, A Concerned Oregonian Joshua Hoch 2551 SE 118th Ave Portland, OR 97266
UE 416-22 12/29/2023 12:31:30 AM 12/27/2023 3:15:39 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Email Hello, I’d like to provide feedback on the significant rate increases from PGE. On a single teachers income just struggling to get by this is absolutely insane. And from what I have researched, only two people the Oregon gov pushed this through and it was not anyone that was elected by the people of Oregon. What a joke. Decrease rates immediately. With this inflation we I am barely getting by and now this. I’m livid. Thank you, Amber
UE 416-23 1/2/2024 2:30:56 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Julian coffman SALEM Company: PGE (UE 416) Name: Julian Coffman CBR: 503-642-7412 Issue: upset about rate increase – wanting to give comment – “I understands the cost of things increase. I am shocked at huge increase and what PUC approved especially after horrible inflation period. Feels wrong time to increase rates and too big of an increase. As a consumer our earnings don’t increase to cover this increase like this. A reasonable increase we expect, but this is just too much. I strongly object to the PUC approving this increase. I feel there was no thought on how this is going to affect the consumer. This is going to be a hardship on a lot of consumers, including senior citizens.”
UE 416-24 12/29/2023 3:35:40 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Corey Cowles SALEM I cannot believe you approved an 18% rate increase for residential locations. While businesses receive lower rates. Are you kidding me? You announced this on December 18th, 2023 and it will take effect on January 2024! This level of increase should be incremental, and over time. This is so ridiculous that a commission that is supposed to regulate businesses has approved this. What are you getting out of this? This feels so greedy and is tightening the belts of working lower and middle class citizens in the most dense population in all of Oregon.
UE 416-25 12/30/2023 9:12:52 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web LAKE GROVE It’s unfortunately believable that you made the unbelievable decision to approve an unprecedented rate hike for PGE. Nothing our once great state does surprises me anymore. Fire danger (do better with what PGE has) sure…inflation?? Eat it. 25%? I would also ask how the commission sleeps at night but again…it just really doesn’t surprise me.
UE 416-26 12/29/2023 2:11:17 PM PUC Oppose Docket Web Michelle N MILWAUKIE Dear PUC, I am absolutely appalled with the fact that PGE was approved for the 17% rate hike for consumers. I know many consumers including myself submitted our opinions against any rate increases during the public comment period. I can understand a rate hike, but the huge increase is absolutely not understandable. How could you approve this? Do you not see that wages are stagnant, grocery prices are not going down, and rents are being raised every year? Our rent went up $120 per month in November. Our water bill is going up in January. And now I get to expect an extra $20+ plus per month for PGE? I know some people for whom $20 is what is left in their bank accounts after paying rent at the first of the month. If you truly care about the public or the customers of PGE, you would have negotiated harder to either not pass this rate hike or to approve it in steps with less burden on the public. How can you call yourselves the PUBLIC utility commission when it's clear you don't have any consideration for what the public is actually experiencing in their households right now?
UE 416-27 1/4/2024 12:31:29 AM 1/2/2024 5:16:36 PM General Comment Email I would like to register my disappointment in the 18% rate increase approved for PGE in 2024. This large of an increase is going to disrupt my life and the life of my neighbors. I could understand a 5% percent increase, but 18% is unheard of and unreasonable. Someone needs to be held accountable. Please consider reversing the decision. -Will Burge
UE 416-28 1/4/2024 12:31:33 AM 1/2/2024 4:21:11 PM General Comment Email General comment for UE 416. From: Ashley PG &lt;; Sent: Friday, December 29, 2023 5:44 PM To: PUC PUCHearings * PUC &lt;; Subject: Docket No. UE 416<>. This upcoming year, PGE will increase our electricity bills by an unconsciounable 18%. Their reasons are vague &amp; unacceptable. Why doesn't PGE do what their customers are regularly forced to do &amp; reevaluate their budget, see where they can cut costs &amp; save money-? Might that start with the CEO &amp; other high paying PGE employees? This rate increase is suspiciously similar to the salary &amp; bonus increases PGE announced to shareholders this year. What a not so curious coincidence. Not sure if PGE is aware of Portland's homeless problem, ongoing rent hikes, inflated home prices, ever-increasing taxes, other unsustainable utility rate increases, the ridiculous cost of gas, or the overall financial hellscape COVID &amp; record high inflation has caused all of us. I mean, of course they do. They just don't care. What exactly is PGE's goal here, because to those of us forced to pay 18% more on our already exorbitant electricity bills, it seems to be: 1. Force us into homelessness, or 2. Force us to leave the state entirely. I don't see any other way PGE thinks we can take this on. BECAUSE WE CAN'T. Portland, OR exceeds the national average in utility bills. Out of the entire United States, I'm almost positive we are now the city that pays the highest utilities. We're already one of the most expensive metros to live in. An 18% increase might actually kill some of us (i.e. seniors and disability recipients, etc.). My husband and I make a combined income that is decent enough to survive in Portland, but with each passing year, this reality is fast becoming impossible. Living here is a burden. If we could move, we would have done so 3 years ago. We are stuck in a city we do nothing but struggle in. We will barely be able to keep our heads above water with this increase; imagine what it will do to those already drowning. 18% is indefensible. It's the straw that will break the backs of many Portland residents. Why would PGE want to be responsible for that? This rate increase cannot happen, period. Us Portlanders continue to scream the same SOS-- we're sinking. Please hear us. Sincerely, Ashley Garrison (a lifelong Portlander)
UE 416-29 1/4/2024 12:31:35 AM 1/2/2024 2:12:26 PM General Comment Email Company: PGE (UE 416) Name: Julian Coffman CBR: 503-642-7412 Issue: upset about rate increase – wanting to give comment – “I understands the cost of things increase. I am shocked at huge increase and what PUC approved especially after horrible inflation period. Feels wrong time to increase rates and too big of an increase. As a consumer our earnings don’t increase to cover this increase like this. A reasonable increase we expect, but this is just too much. I strongly object to the PUC approving this increase. I feel there was no thought on how this is going to affect the consumer. This is going to be a hardship on a lot of consumers, including senior citizens.” Danielle Jenkins Compliance Specialist Oregon Public Utility Commission<> Work 971-375-5087 Fax 503-378-5743
UE 416-30 1/8/2024 2:48:15 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web unknown unknown SALEM December 15, 2023 Dear Public Utilities Commission: As a PGE customer I am shocked that you are allowing them to slam their customers so bad in 2024. 17%! The biggest rate hike in 20 years! You also gave them a rate hike for 2023! I don't know if they got rate hikes in 2020 - 2022 but they prob'ly did. I was reading that PGE had some of the highest rates in the country from 2009 - 2019. The Consumer Price Index was 19% and PGE's rates were at 31%! It's time for you to help us PGE customers. No more hikes for quite a while. Let them use money from their profits to invest in what they need. We consumers can't bail out everybody. Our rates should be cheap because they use renewable energy. Regards, Angry at YOU
UE 416-31 1/8/2024 4:19:06 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Talisha Jackson PORTLAND This is too expensive, it’s already increased 14% over the last two years!!
UE 416-32 1/5/2024 5:14:07 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web NoneofYour Business BANKS what is wrong with the PUC and allowing PGE electricity rates to rise 18% to fulfill some pipe dreams of "renewable" energy (which has a negative ROI and pollutes horribly during the manufacture of the equipment needed)? I DON'T HAVE 18% to give you for your experiments - when will this travesty be reversed? Get OFF the bandwagon and lower the rates by increasing efficiency instead of funding nonsense projects that lose money and pollute more than they help.
UE 416-33 1/8/2024 4:17:19 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michael Lipson PORTLAND This PGE hike is unacceptable. We need to make the utilities public instead of being gouged by corporate interest.
UE 416-34 1/8/2024 4:49:40 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Nicole Gauthier PORTLAND I am writing to express my outrage over the recent PGE rate hikes. When the top five administrators make a combined income of 11 million dollars, and customers are facing a massive hike in rates that will further devastate the lower and middle class consumers, it’s past time to look at your actions. How was the approved? It’s gouging, pure and simple. Just know that consumers are going to act to switch to the PUD. Be a part of making this right
UE 416-35 1/8/2024 7:43:23 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Reiley Livingston PORTLAND How can PGE raise prices by nearly 18% while paying their CEO total compensation over $6 million? Absolutely ridiculous. Your hostage customers are forced to foot the bill because of PGE’s greed and negligence. Instead of spending every nickel and dime you have fighting the inevitable lawsuits, why not take another look at your budget and make the decision that is best for the citizens forced to rely on this company and the long term health of the business.
UE 416-37 1/10/2024 6:20:39 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michelle Arko GLADSTONE This rate increase is very large and just pushes my family farther in the hole financially.
UE 416-38 1/10/2024 10:59:56 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Melody Burdette MILWAUKIE This 17.2% price increase is a huge amount and making it quite hard for most people to afford to heat our homes. Why such a high increase?
UE 416-39 1/8/2024 1:15:19 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Reagan PORTLAND I am just thrilled to know that while the executives of PGE are raking in millions of dollars (, that the public utility commission has decided to, rather than reduce salaries of people who so clearly need their millions of dollars a year, instead push a 17% price increase onto the general paying public. It is embarrassing that our *PUBLIC UTILITIES* are clearly for-profit at the cost of us general citizens. I am disgusted by PGE leadership, and deeply saddened by the people I have talked to who can no longer afford their bill. Public utilities should be public, not private
UE 416-4 10/31/2023 11:55:42 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Astralena Sharp SALEM As a residential customer, I cannot afford another rate hike, especially in the coldest times of the year.
UE 416-40 1/10/2024 7:14:44 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Christine Campbell MILWAUKIE PGE 18% is too much! I understand costs go up but NOT THIS MUCH! Corporate greed! Shame on you!
UE 416-41 1/12/2024 12:31:27 AM 1/8/2024 9:47:58 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email I've never heard of your "commission" before but I will do, and research, everything I can to find out how you "approved" this criminally high rate hikes in the middle of winter. I hope no one freezes to death due to your callous actions. You should be ashamed of yourselves. How do you excuse the top 5 executives of PGE making over 12 million dollars a year in compensation for 2022? They clearly have been mismanaging PGE's funds... Shame on you all. I'll vote for a PUD when I can. -Angry citizen Kiel
UE 416-42 1/12/2024 12:31:30 AM 1/7/2024 7:47:35 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email When is enough is enough? To base a 18% rate increase on “Inflation & Wildfire Migation” is hypocrisy at best. The State of Oregon has economist and I hope that you, the Public Utility Commission has staff who watch market and federal/state economic trends. They would see that inflation is continuing its downward trend and reach 3% threshold in early 2024. This singling to the Federal Reserve that inflation is coming down. When you increase prices on the excuse of inflation is just a way of a business / corporation to continue their GREED! I say GREED because as stated above inflation is coming down, yet I HIGHLY DOUBT that PGE will decrease their rates when inflation comes down. Please fight for Oregon’s citizens and tell greedy corporations to endure the hardship of inflation and increase cost of doing business. Respectfully, Terry Bouie
UE 416-44 1/12/2024 12:31:35 AM 12/29/2023 12:50:59 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Email SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! Sent from Mail for Windows
UE 416-45 1/15/2024 12:59:31 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Kaarin Ekstrum PORTLAND This proposal goes beyond inflation or cost of living and is a particular hardship for homeowners.
UE 416-46 1/15/2024 6:31:10 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Jamie Seastrom-Price PORTLAND Do NOt raise rates! Unethical, unfair on a monopoly especially by this much when inflation is so high.
UE 416-47 1/15/2024 8:45:06 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Isaiah Shay PORTLAND The rate increase and burden it has placed on Oregonians is unethical on Portland General Electrics part. A 17% increase for the average customer while millions are paid toward their CEO. The State of Oregon should be holding PGE accountable and not encouraging such behavior. I thought Oregon was against mega corporate policy yet here a privately owned company is monopolizing our power and forcing Oregonians further into economic hardship. We need our government to hold PGE accountable.
UE 416-48 1/13/2024 12:47:34 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web carolyn guerra KING CITY I find the January rate increase unconscionable. How could this unprecedented increase have been approved? Passing on the cost of PGE’S law suits etc. as a result of Forest fires perhaps for the sake of stockholders needs to be reexamined. I am furious as are many others. This is an extreme hardship
UE 416-49 1/15/2024 12:01:28 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web April Henderson PORTLAND I am filing a public complaint in regards to PGE rate hikes of 18% and the CEO of PGE giving herself a pay raise of 20% every year since 2018
UE 416-5 11/1/2023 12:50:13 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Rockne Stites DAMASCUS Well hopefully this is the correct docket, but here goes…17 percent increase, really? Makes me jump to the awful thought that someone is getting something. My SSA increase for 2024 is 3.5 percent…inflation gets worse by the day it seems…and for a monopoly to get an increase without providing anything better for the captive consumers is next to usury and you are as complicit in what can best be described as thievery, plain and simple. The infrastructure is old and has been in need of updating for decades, and all that happens is pockets get padded more and more and the system gets further out of date. Now I suppose that someone is going to say that this is for updating the infrastructure and I say that I truly doubt it. Of course I do not expect an answer, at least one that makes any logical sense, so don’t bother with a form answer or anything of the sort. I appreciate your silence.
UE 416-50 1/15/2024 12:37:38 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Angela Todd PORTLAND This 18% electricity increase is outrageous!
UE 416-51 1/15/2024 12:50:40 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Kayla Pense GRESHAM The 18% PGE increase is out of hand & unstable increase for most families. Please reconsider.
UE 416-52 1/15/2024 12:52:01 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Tracy Phipps SALEM Lower our rates. It is not necessary to pay your CEO 6 million. People are struggling in this economy to feed their family, keep a roof over their heads, make their car and insurance payments and keep the lights and heat on.
UE 416-53 1/15/2024 1:15:28 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Tom Jones CLACKAMAS Stop raising rates when your CEO makes $3 million And you can’t even keep the power on during a storm
UE 416-54 1/15/2024 1:50:44 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Diana Savanh PORTLAND I’d like to send my sincere and immense x concerns regarding the increase in power rates. Us citizens with families and careers can’t seem to even make enough and are already living month to month with the inflated prices on living expenses. Higher energy bills just puts us over the edge. We have extremely child care rates, food, health insurance, car and home insurance rates going up all at once it extremely overwhelming and this power rate increase does not seem ethical at this time. With the colder winter days, we are bound to see bills many of us will struggle to pay. Please reconsider this extreme price increase.
UE 416-55 1/15/2024 2:01:14 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Denise Danovich MILWAUKIE I realize Inflation effects everyone businesses included. But that doesn't mean it all needs to be put on the middle man and charge them so much for electricity. Whenever they're struggling to get by As it is. With increase and gas to get back and forth to work to get your family where they need to be to get to the grocery store. And not even to mention the grocery store in the price of food. An 18% increase that's nearly 1/5 more of your electric bill A lot of people don't have heat as it is. They are using Portable heaters to heat thier Home so they won't freeze the death. Now that bill's gonna go up 1/5 of what it was before. I be 1 of those people with a $300 electric Just a try and stay warm and now that's gonna go up. I can't barely afford to 300 how am I gonna afford 360 or 400
UE 416-56 1/15/2024 2:12:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Eero Laansoo PORTLAND There should be no (zero) rate increases for utilities for the general public or businesses unless PGE can actually show that it is losing money/not making a profit. We should not be raising rates just to to build PGE’s shareholder value. Rate increases need to 100% justified based on PGE proving that it is losing money (ie. revenue negative) without a rate increase.
UE 416-57 1/15/2024 2:33:47 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sarahloop Delzell PORTLAND 18 pge hike is gross!!
UE 416-58 1/15/2024 2:47:58 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Cheryl Goetchius MILWAUKIE 18% increase in electric bill for PGE is extremely excessive! Why? CEO makes millions of dollars per year and people on fixed incomes can’t afford that. As I’m writing this I’m in my house wrapped in a blanket with 2 layers of clothes on bc I don’t want to turn up the thermometer up anymore than it is bc of the bill! Oregon has the 2nd highest taxes in the country, with very little to show for it. Not to mention the tolls ODOT wants to do; cost of house is outrageous; this state isn’t very l livable anymore. Please make some changes. Like how bout 4% increase. The CEO can take a cut. Not the people of Portland who are trying to make a living. Feels like we’re living in the hunger games trying to make ends meat.
UE 416-59 1/15/2024 5:50:06 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Suckma Balls PORTLAND No one can afford the 18 percent increase you scoundrels
UE 416-6 11/2/2023 4:10:10 PM OTHER Oppose Docket Web OREGON CITY I oppose any rate increase which PGE imposes that includes help subsidizing the money lost by PGE during the wildfires in Oregon due to their own neglect, poor judgment, and failure to protect their customers. Perhaps the CEO's need to have their salary and bonuses reduced to pay for the loss and to keep PGE accountable on a management level.
UE 416-60 1/15/2024 6:14:08 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Ellen Ashcraft WEST LINN The 17% rate increase from PGE in Portland Oregon area is ridiculous. Clearly the powers that be aren’t thinking about already financially struggling population . If the head of PGE took even a small pay cut that would help. Seeing the number 6 million related to what she earns.
UE 416-61 1/15/2024 7:40:14 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michael Ortiz PORTLAND I can't afford my electric bill as it is at my business in portland oregon. Due to the increase I am looking at my options and moving forward. I have 4 employees full time and 2 part time employees not including myself. My business puts food on there table if I close they have to look else where for work which in this city is hard to find a job as it is that pays enough to survive. This 18 percent raise in portland oregon is going to be the death of a lot of businesses around here not just mine. I don't see how I'll survive passed June. I already used up all of the savings and rainy day funds I had this year and now it's costing my business even more ?
UE 416-62 1/15/2024 8:55:29 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Laura Edmonson CANBY I oppose the recent PGE increase and understand the Northwest Natural Gas customers (of which I am one) will also soon have rate increases. This is hurting Oregonians to a great degree, and we cannot afford to have our citizens living with these ever-growing financial problems. Please reconsider rate hikes; in the current economy, they cannot be withstood.
UE 416-63 1/15/2024 9:27:35 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Lyndsay Hillers PORTLAND Increasing rates is going to strain already struggling families in Oregon. People will not be able to pay these bills and end up in terrible situations. The utility companies should not passing along the costs of their mistakes in the wildfires to the customers.
UE 416-64 1/16/2024 7:20:55 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Seth Leavens PORTLAND The latest rate increase you approved for PGE is criminal!! You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.
UE 416-65 1/16/2024 2:15:18 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web ROBERT TUCK TIGARD Is very unjust for two unelected bureaucrats to be allowed to approve a significant rate increase for the entire population of this area that will cause hardship for the vast majority of us. This should be overturned and subject to more intensive oversight in the future.
UE 416-66 1/16/2024 5:30:43 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Gina Kaveny PORTLAND We should not allow to unelected officials nominated by the governor to raise PGE rates on all of Oregon they should never have so much power. Who is holding them accountable for this decision. Our citizens are suffering from inflation and our local government needs to everything in their power to keep costs down.
UE 416-67 1/16/2024 7:32:15 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Craig Baker LAKE OSWEGO The CEO of PGE collects record income as residents are squeezed tighter and tighter. Wages are not going up 18% and Maria Pope should not be making 8 MILLION dollars off a public utility position. PGE is constantly buying new trucks, wasting resources on fake green energy that does not work. As evidence by the recent storm, it is obvious they haven't kept things maintained and opted to spend labor on pet projects instead of upgrading the grid for modern city demands. Please deny ANYTHING PGE wants to do
UE 416-69 1/17/2024 3:19:25 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Jason Schurter SALEM I am trying to understand how the PUC can support an 18% increase in our electric bill, with another increase scheduled for April of 2024. My wages have not went up anywhere close to 18%. Isn't the PUC supposed to be looking out for the interests of the consumers? It seems like any increase PGE requests is rubber-stamped.
UE 416-7 11/3/2023 2:07:22 PM OTHER General Comment Web Craig Rogers PORTLAND I would like to leave a comment on the 17% rate increase for electricity. I know it's either one or the other is this an early or late April Fool's joke, I was a negotiator on behalf of Teamsters for the better part of four decades and the bases for coming to an agreement was what's reasonable, a 17% rate increase is not reasonable by any stretch of the imagination so tell me is this an early or late April Fool's joke...Best, Craig Rogers
UE 416-70 1/17/2024 9:15:16 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Mae Jameson BEAVERTON PGE is obviously predatory, cares not for the thousands of Oregonians struggling to make their bills, and now, even worse, has ACTIVELY IGNORED down power lines, citizens without power or heat, and has done so for DAYS. First responders are working around the clock and PGE can’t even be bothered to do the bare minimum, all while CEO and board members make millions per year. I wish Oregon had a different electric company option, because I resent PGE and I never want to give them another dollar. If you want to fix your reputation, do your job, provide for the public instead of preying upon us, lower the rates to reasonable, payable amounts, stop threatening shut offs to families living paycheck to paycheck over a single late payment, and BE BETTER HUMAN BEINGS.
UE 416-71 1/15/2024 6:57:51 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Ole Dame PORTLAND PGE’s response to the latest weather incident shows it has not invested in outage response. Like 1,000’s of others we are now out 48 hours with zero information. Our outage is in the city of Portland for 1500 houses in densely populated area. It is 22 degrees inside our house, the pipes are now frozen even though we left the water running, and we have had to spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel. Please do not approve their rate increase until they prove they can do better.
UE 416-72 1/16/2024 12:03:39 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Libby Rankin PORTLAND I am very disappointed in the lack of urgency or proactive needs of PGE. We have been out of power for 4 days with a new storm coming. We knew this was coming. The only response we get from them is that they are trying. Why are we banning natural gas and putting a ton of money into solar of PGE can’t get power to the people. We are only warm and fed because so have natural gas stove, water heater and fireplace. We need to rethink our “banning” for environmental reasons and maybe put that money into utilities in the ground.
UE 416-73 1/16/2024 2:59:47 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Timothy Schlabach TIGARD Re: Rate Increase. You people are insane. We can barely make house payments and buy food. Raise the rates of electricity sent out of state. This is criminal.
UE 416-74 1/16/2024 7:19:20 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Jenn Labahn SHERWOOD In regards to the PGE ridiculous rate increases - We, the middle class, are struggling to make ends meet with the high inflation rates. Increasing rates by 18% is kicking us while we are down. Theres no need to increase rates to “find green energy” when we use the greenest of energy in hydroelectric generation! Stop punishing us!
UE 416-75 1/16/2024 8:25:15 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Tracie Wiest PORTLAND There is no justification for an 18% price increase from PGE. At a time when most Portland residents are struggling, an unelected, 2 person board has decided to arbitrarily raise the rate of electricity by 18%. Please rethink this increase.
UE 416-76 1/17/2024 2:26:07 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Austin Daniel PORTLAND My most recent bill was $473.47 for two people living in a home with gas heat. The latest increase as well as the pre-existing fees are absurd and I anticipate the bills will only increase from here. Meanwhile it’s publicly known that the CEO of PGE made $6million last year and will only continue to profit even more. I used to believe the earth only had 1 ice age and that the climate would only getting hotter until we meet net zero emissions. I’ve come to find out we’ve had 5 ice ages in just the last 450,000 years. Earth has a natural 90,000 year cycle of heating and cooling. If the trend is consistent we’ve had 500 ice ages in 4.5 million years. This implies a lot. We don’t need all these taxes and fees for combating climate change. And the people are waking up to this truth.
UE 416-77 1/17/2024 5:50:15 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web PORTLAND I vehemently oppose the rate hike. I'm a senior on a fixed income, and 18 percent is outrageous. It's an outrageous increase for anyone to pay, and reflects corporate greed at the expense of powerless consumers, and if you support that corporate behavior you are just as immoral as they are.
UE 416-78 1/17/2024 7:36:31 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Linda Dyer PORTLAND PGE wants a 20% rate increase but can’t provide power to thousands and information given is inaccurate-something is wrong in this scenario
UE 416-79 1/17/2024 9:06:11 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Leanne Bradshaw TIGARD I support companies making money and reinvesting in communities. However, the CEO of PGE makes 8 million dollars a year. My income is not even close to that amount. Raising my bill by 18% puts a dent in my budget. I am not spending lavish amounts. Just trying to keep a roof over my head, some food on the table and some gas in my car. Everyday people like me just need a fair price for necessities. An 18% raise seems excessive.
UE 416-8 11/4/2023 12:12:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC Oppose Docket Web Loren Mejia MILWAUKIE Like many in the state of Oregon, I am already at my max. Oregon has not kept pace with economic recovery. My income has not gone up 17 percent, in fact my money get me less. To have utility just raise prices when already publicly funded is not serving the people. We pay a lot to live in Oregon and We the people get little in return.
UE 416-80 1/17/2024 10:01:23 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Kevin L PORTLAND The PGE rate increase makes me sick to my stomach and generally scared.
UE 416-81 1/17/2024 10:58:07 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Andrew Telleria PORTLAND Hello, I would like to oppose the rate increase of our electric bill by 18%. I don't think this will improve our lives now or in the future. The clean energy bill of 2021 has been repelled by the appellate court of Oregon and there isn't a reliable source of renewable energy which will lead for further strife. We are already seeing rising costs in every facet of our lives and now fuel is added to the fire with a substantial rate increase for our electricity bill, and for what, to faze out fossil fuels and switch to an unreliable source of wind and solar, it doesn't add up. Andrew
UE 416-82 1/17/2024 11:46:54 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Joe Hovey PORTLAND This question is in regards to the 18% increase in PGE prices for 2024 with the "ask" of an additional 2% to help them offset liabilities for OR wildfires. WHY?? We are fortunate to have solar installed, which helps to reduce our use of electricity - mostly in the warmer months. But what about those who can not afford the installation of solar?? It has become clear from this most recent snow / ice storm that PGE has no concerns for people doing without power and if some cases HEAT for 4 days straight. Their communication is poor as to when people can expect power to come back. And yet, you as a Commission continue to support them with increases, etc. I really ask that you reconsider your decision re: 18% AND to now allow the additional 2% which is up for discussion in 2024!
UE 416-83 1/17/2024 11:49:17 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web London Lunoux PORTLAND I am strongly against the increase in cost for PGE customers. The large price hike is like having an additional utility bill every month and puts a huge strain on working class people who are already struggling. The timing is also incredibly tone deaf. Businesses, families and individuals are still recovering from the economic disaster created by Covid and current gas prices and inflation are already pushing us to the brink. We already pay some of the highest utility prices in the country and we cannot afford PGE holding out a hand for more.
UE 416-84 1/17/2024 11:57:57 AM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Marie Stuckey FOREST GROVE Good day, thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I need to show my frustration with PGE. Even before the outages and this ice storm our rising rates are astounding! Our home is 2700 ft.² and our PGE bill before this ice storm Just arrived in the amount of $640! My rates have skyrocketed. Just two years ago if a bill was in the $300s in the winter time it was considered high. The price increase is not doable nor is it just. Our neighbor , 1 mile away has a different utility company and pays 200 less a month for a home that's over 4000 ft.²! Knowing how much the CEO of PGE makes, this feels corrupt. I also hate that I can't go through a different utility carrier, they have a monopoly. They will price people out of their homes if they don't lower these obnoxious rates. In the last two years the increase has been a total of at least 33%. Furthermore, with my last months bill we weren't even here for one week, we were on vacation. We use a woodstove to conserve energy And we hadn't had below freezing temperatures yet. It is true insanity! Please help us and the hundreds of thousands of people that don't have a choice to leave PGE. Thank you again for your time. I hope this helps create change.
UE 416-85 1/17/2024 1:05:55 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Nina Reynolds PORTLAND Our increased rates across utilities is making us consider moving to Vancouver Washington. My husband and I are both at least 3rd gen Oregonian on all sides of our families (with the exception of my mother who has never lived anywhere in the US except Portland Metro for 50 years ). Living here, especially in the City of Portland, feels like a punishment.
UE 416-86 1/17/2024 1:26:09 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web angela hammond TUALATIN To drastically raise electricity prices during a time when our country is seeing some of the highest inflation we have ever seen… and not letting up anytime soon is just ridiculous. I don’t know how you all can live with yourselves.
UE 416-87 1/17/2024 1:44:22 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Olivia Padilla PORTLAND It is outrageous that these officials approved a nearly 18% electric bill increase. PGE’s CEO is making $6M a year.
UE 416-88 1/17/2024 2:03:33 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Austin White PORTLAND An increase of 18 percent for electricity is unacceptable and this is coming from someone that makes six figures a year. This rate hike puts an unnecessary burden on many individuals that are barely getting by with the current state of things. I am incredibly close to packing all of my stuff and moving to another state that doesn’t tax and gouge people out of every hard-earned dollar they make. If PGE is going to continue to be private, there needs to be competition.
UE 416-89 1/17/2024 2:48:15 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web TROUTDALE Please you don’t understand how devastating an 18% increase is to our family. I also care for my elderly mother and cannot afford your increase Please revoke this!!!!
UE 416-9 11/7/2023 12:57:00 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michael Niles CLACKAMAS Why is PGE allowed to increase *residential* rates by more than 17%?!?! This is a pretty alarming jump in what I'm assuming is a permanent increase.
UE 416-90 1/17/2024 2:52:49 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Denise Hatch GRESHAM I am aware of the rate increase requested by PGE. I am also aware of the huge, ridiculously huge salary paid to the CEO of PGE. Although, yes, the cost of doing business has increased over the last couple years, I am not willing to pay an additional 18% to PGE. How about better and smarter budgetary management within that company?
UE 416-91 1/17/2024 3:21:38 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Patricia Ancharski PORTLAND I am disgusted with PGE rate increase. My last bill was 194 dollars for a small house with all led lights and it’s just my husband and myself. Then we lost power for 3 days. I intend to get a gas hot water heater all ready have gas heat. I want to figure out how to run my gas furnace with a generator which I have because our power has gone out more here in Portland than anywhere else we lived. Lived on east coast with brutal winter and lots of snow, hurricanes never lost power.
UE 416-92 1/17/2024 3:43:36 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Michelle Rajotte PORTLAND We have an old home here in SE Portland and it’s just a total hardship for us that our power bill has gone up for the third time in 4 years. It’s unaffordable. Please do something to support people who buy vintage homes and restore them and keep the original character of the city we love! Thanks, Michelle Rajottr
UE 416-93 1/17/2024 3:50:29 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Sharon Pittman WILSONVILLE Could there be a worst time to do this to people who are barely hanging on to survive already!But yet a 6 million dollar salary ????How did you manage that huge of an increase?????
UE 416-94 1/17/2024 4:12:40 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Nora Harrington PORTLAND I am on a limited income, barely meeting my current utility bills and now to expect an increase of approx 20%? It is shocking, how you so casually increase it without regard for the people who depend on basic living conditions like Heat & Light. My power was out for approx 36 hours 3 days ago. It’s shameful on your part.
UE 416-95 1/17/2024 4:32:35 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Miranda Burkhardt PORTLAND Completely unfair and inhumane to up power bills an insane 18% during the coldest months of the year. Shame on you. Make more affordable !!!!!
UE 416-96 1/17/2024 5:10:43 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Anony Mous CLACKAMAS This increase in electricity is insane. Good luck on people not paying their bills
UE 416-97 1/17/2024 5:17:38 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Carter Merz PORTLAND Please do not raise rates while at the same time limiting options by killing off new NW Natural Gas lines. Natural Gas is the most reliable energy source in an emergency like the ice storm we just had. If it wasn't for natural gas my family and I would have had to vacate my home, also possibly causing water pipe damage due to low temps. I beg you please at least if you're going to raise rates allow the general public to use whatever energy source they would like to purchase. In a free society the government doesn't get to dictate what you purchase, we call that communism.
UE 416-98 1/17/2024 5:32:31 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Margery M PORTLAND I think our utility increase without appropriate updates to infrastructure is deplorable. Our city is going on almost 5 days of freezing conditions, countless trees have fallen, and power has been off for thousands of Oregonians. I work for a city funded resource and I have callers begging me to find them emergency shelter because they are freezing in their homes. Updating the city to have more regular arbor care and grounded power lines should have been happening this entire time. These conditions are not stopping anytime soon and are getting worse annually. Where the hell is this utility increase going besides lining the pockets of your shareholders and CEO?
UE 416-99 1/17/2024 8:52:37 PM PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRIC General Comment Web Nino Fletcher GRESHAM This winter was instant Karma for PGE for hiking the prices on already struggling families ! 18% price hike on bills is crazy! Make sure you all spent that money wisely when repairing those power lines! God made sure you all have a reason to spend that money ! shame on our government! You all don’t care about people living here! It’s very apparent in the policies and decisions that are made!