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UM 2225-1 12/19/2023 4:38:38 PM General Comment Web Scott Schaefer PORTLAND As we transition from a carbon based to a carbon neutral economy, there has always been promises made to the working class of just transition. Are we going to just transition or provide a just transition for the workforce? The building of this Infrastructure requires a highly skilled and trained workforce that the Unions have already heavily invested in the apprenticeship programs and further Journey level worker trainings to meet the needs of the Local and National economies, in building this new Green Infrastructure. Without an achievable plan of local hire, there will be no building of the workforce and the ability to maintain and sustain this infrastructure, it will be decimated through the economy without this workforce. This is critical infrastructure that keeps are cities moving and flowing, healthy and safe. We cannot gamble with this on a possible opportunity that maybe saving of a few dollars and risk local and national safety. A project labor agreement ensures that all parties are on the same page with respect to how the project will be built, including processes and remedies for dispute resolution, apprenticeship utilization, and local hiring. Building the amount of projects required to decarbonize the electric sector on the timeline required necessitates a coordinated and efficient process. A PLA serves exactly that function. With decarbonization of the electric sector, we must be intentional, equitable and inclusive to this workforce and provide opportunities for those impacted by climate change. Scott Schaefer, Western States Regional Council of Carpenters